Ambika Diagno Vision is established on 5 January 2016 and provides imported laboratory chemicals, equipments / instruments, Lab softwares, Hospital equipments and many others. We are one of the leading Distributors Having wide ranges of principles in India to meet the each and every requirement for clients. We are having authorized distributorship for Nihon kohden, Rapid Diagnostics, Trans Asia Biomedical, Orbit Diagnostics, Diamond Diagnostics, Syris Biotech, Pathozyme, Immunoshop Instruments.etc.

   We have a well-experienced management team & technical staff having confidence along with the co-operation of its valued customers is gaining popularity.We are always dedicated to our customers to provide services in much better way to meet the satisfaction of customers.

   Ambika Diagno Vision’s Team is accelerating their efforts in standardizing production for Customized Requirements of every customer for every industry which makes more flexible and introduce advanced technology to efficiently build the best possible product at the best value.Our company has an excellent track record to provide reliable and world-class products that meets specific user requirements at realistic prices.

Our Goals and Vision

  • With a vision of serving customers / consumers with Quality, Accuracy, Reliability, Consistency & affordability
  • Aim to provide highest level of customer satisfaction & provide customization as per the exact specifications laid down by the customers.
  • Cost effective Solutions & a Long term commitment to serve our clients is our constant focus.
  • To achieve reliability to ergonomics and convenience, that no other Distributor can provide.

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